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    Overcome Acidity, reflux, indigestion etc with few simple changes

    You would think Acidity, Acid reflux and Indigestion are tough to get rid of? Wrong! If you follow the advice of sages from thousands of years ago, you can get rid of these modern day ailments just like me. Yes I had my share of  Acidity, esophageal reflux and indigestion for couple of years only […] More

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    How to live a Happy life with a simple tip

    Live a great live, come out of sorrow, misery and pain Sadhguru, the well known mystic spiritual guide from south India, talks about the essence of a healthy and happy life. It’s not too complicated to live a happy life. If you follow his simple tips, you will be amazed at the benefits you will […] More

  • How to grow and plant garlic
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    How to grow Garlic, the traditional way

    How to grow garlic? Planting & Maintaining garlic crops isn’t hard. We show an easy way to plant & harvest Garlic & experienced way to store it. Garlic is very important in your diet. You can find strong advocacy of garlic in Ayurveda. Garlic is not only a great way to boost immunity, health, and […] More

  • growing onions

    How to plant onions, the easy way

    Planting onions is rewarding in the sense that you can grow a full crop that lasts you a full season. So How to plant onions the right way? Growing onions from seeds, then planting in rows till they turn beautifully purple and mature. Not only do you get homegrown onions, but using a simple trick […] More

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    Understanding Sadness, Depression and Anguish the ancient way

    According to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, there are 14 main reasons for Sadness, Depression, and anxiety or anguish. The words are wise, worth your read. Mahabharata may be ancient, but it is very precise in describing the reasons for these negative emotions. When we understand these reasons, we are in a better position to recover […] More

  • banana peel water

    Banana water for plants, does it help as a fertilizer?

    Banana water for plants is being recommended by many gardeners. Let’s see how you make it and how it performs. We test it on tomato and indoor plants. Banana water for plants is not only a cheap fertilizer but makes for a way to recycle your waste. This argument has been presented by various gardeners. […] More

  • onion or garlic chive grown from seeds

    How to plant chive seeds

    How to plant chive seeds and get a great harvest of either onion or garlic chives easily. Chive is not only edible, but they are also beautiful low maintenance perennials. They are hardy, require little effort, and go well with many vegetable recipes. Chives also attract butterflies and other pollinating insects. They have a unique […] More

  • freezing-carrots-from-garden

    How to freeze carrots from the garden

    Easily Freeze carrots from the garden using our quick food processing guide especially for carrots. The important things to keep in mind while freezing carrots from your garden are that you need to clean them properly and follow the right procedure to preserve the carrots. It feels very rewarding to use those carrots off the […] More