Overcome Acidity, reflux, indigestion etc with few simple changes

You would think Acidity, Acid reflux and Indigestion are tough to get rid of? Wrong!

If you follow the advice of sages from thousands of years ago, you can get rid of these modern day ailments just like me. Yes I had my share of  Acidity, esophageal reflux and indigestion for couple of years only to realize that It was so easy to fix. No this is not some marketing stunt or article leading you into buying some herbal stuff. It’s easy and you don’t need anything but your will to fix this. So read on and change your life.

Simple rule to reduce acidity, reflux and indigestion

I will get straight to the point, the food that you eat has to be digested within 2.5 hours and rest of the time, your stomach should stay empty. Yes, many people will have issues and say that an empty stomach will build acid or it’s made to be full etc… etc… but that is completely wrong.

The human digestive system is designed to work for the regular 2 or so meals and it should face little resistance to digest the food that you eat. Ayurvedic science is the oldest and the most effective science, even when compared to today’s modern medicine. Ayurved(a) along with Yog(a) [most English speaking people and even Indians pronounce it with the full A which is incorrect] have already answered questions that we are still seeking an answer to.

Those questions relate to spirituality, health, well being, god and the universe(es). So stay connected, we often answer some of them, after of-course, digging them from the old scripts and consulting the established gurus of the field.

Coming back to Indigestion, because that is the root of your acid and reflux problems. You can take as many blockers or antacids but Acidity is hard to control. If you are reading this in India, taking corrective ayurvedic medicine like Acino or Pancharisth will be a long but easy cure. These medicines are often taken post meals with results showing in couple of months.

Preventing and fixing indigestion in the long run and just to be healthy overall, follow these 3 rules. I guarantee you, that after following this regime, you will see a huge change in how your body behaves when it comes to digestion.

Never drink water or soda or cold liquids 40 minutes before meal

Drinking water, soda or any cold liquid before meals will use up the digestive juices in the stomach and destroy the digestive ability. When you eat after this, your food will keep stocking up without being digested for a long time. This will create toxins, harm the body and create bloating, gas, acidity and re-flux. I also warn you, all the colored soda and bottled beverages are a huge weight on our health system. They ruin your digestion, age your body faster and kill your energy making you feel lethargic, lazy and slow.

Never drink water, soda or cold liquids until 1 hour or more has passed, after each meal

After you have eaten, your stomach will digest the food and any excess water and worse, cold soda will block digestive processes as the body would need to increase it’s temperature. Till the temprature is right, it cannot be digested. Also, excessive fluids will eat up the digestive juices and the food will get a lot less enzymes to break down. As a result, the food will keep sitting there, producing toxins as it decomposes instead of being digested.

In the morning, as soon as you get up, drink 1 full glass (300 ml) at least, of lukewarm water

When you sleep, the body goes into a cleanup mode. Some of us who are sensitive can feel our body not doing anything other than breasting and pumping blood. The organs go into a silent, slow mode and as we wake up, we need water to activate ourselves. Drink water slowly, one gulp at a time, just like all the animals and birds do, slow! This takes our saliva in sufficient quantity that helps make the acids in our stomach neutral. Sit and drink slowly, biting and chewing the water slowly.


Some exceptions can be made. For example if you  need to have some fluids with your food, Fruit juices in the morning, milkshakes or lassi in the afternoon, milk or even wine in the evening are absolutely ok. The only thing you should take care of, is that they need to be at room temperature or warm. Evey food resists it’s integration into your body. This resistance causes lethargy and drowsiness after meals and all day long.

Food tips to treasure:

  • Eat wholesome food
  • Food should be cooked and eaten within 2.5 hours
  • Meat and animal products create excessive integration resistance and cause lethargy
  • Least resistance foods are juices, fruits and vegetable
  • Sodas, aerated drinks, alcohol, smoking etc, they will destroy your body and make you lazy, lethargic and sluggish, avoid!
  • Eat slowly, chew well, your body is designed to process only half digested food, which happens in the mouth.Less you break it in your mouth, more the system is burdened. Hence energy penalty


If you follow the simple 3 rules above, you are ready to revive your body to the next level. Remember that one or even half hour of Yoga session can be more beneficial than those mechanical exercises of the gym. There is yoga for indigestion, eye problems, heart and just about anything. There are yoga practices to attain a higher spiritual self. The possibilities are endless. Yoga is not region, religion or gender specific. It is the spiritual treasure for all of humanity.

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